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Our Proposition

Insurer Panel Approach

Unlike many of our competitors, we don't just offer single product solutions or a restricted panels. Our aim is to provide a large panel of providers offering advisers a range of products, types of cover and premium options on both our Household and Buy to Let products.

Offering You Choice

Offering a wide range of products from a number of insurers.

In addition to our Household & Buy to Let panel products we are also able to offer ASU/MPPI, Commercial, High Net Worth plus many other specialist types of insurance & non-standard products. Please go to Product List to see full details of our offerings.

We hold agencies with many insurers so are able to provide clients with access to a combination of well-known brands and specialist markets.

Quality Products

Our insurer products are benchmarked and we are delighted to confirm that within our Household /Buy to Let panel proposition we are able to offer multiple Defaqto Five Star products.

Fully-advise or Introduce? ... The Choice Is Yours

Should you wish to take control of the sales process you can fully-advise your clients by obtaining quotations via this website or by calling us see Deal Online Or Via The Phone

- or -

You can choose to introduce the client to us. By introducing to us, you absolve yourself from the responsibility of having to fact-find, obtain your clients requirements, provide quotes, and fulfill compliance requirements. For more information see Introduce A Client

Deal Online or By Phone

For a range of our products you can:

Obtain quotes and put cases on-risk via this website

- or -

If you'd rather talk to us about a case then call us on 01273 477784. This is often the best route for commercial business, non-standard properties, or for clients with unusual circumstances.

Introduce A Client “Refer”

You may find the facility to 'Refer' clients is one of our most attractive propositions. It ensures that your clients are dealt with by our GI experts, saves you valuable time and transfers any compliance risk to us whilst still earns you commission throughout the lifespan of the policy.

However, we fully understand how referring clients can make advisers nervous. That's why we provide you with our unique 'Client Ownership Guarantee', which does precisely what it says on the tin!

Even though you may ask us to deal directly with your clients, we'll never own them in any way. We'll merely be providing a service to them on your behalf.

So why not step out of the GI advice process, and let us take it over for you! Whether it's Home Insurance, Buy to Let Insurance, ASU, or a whole range of Commercial Insurances, just send us your clients name, contact details, and a little information about what it is they might be looking for, and we'll do the rest.

How it Works

We will:

  • Provide your customers with access to a full range of General Insurance products
  • Deal with the Initial Fact Find and Demands and Needs documents
  • Provide quotations with no need for your involvement
  • Organise and complete all required paperwork
  • Be responsible for getting the case on risk
  • Keep you updated via email
  • Assume responsibility for all regulatory compliance
  • Pay you initial & renewal commission (throughout the life span of the policy)
  • Not cross sell other products without your express permission
  • Save you valuable time
  • Ensure the client remains yours - guaranteed!

Our Client Ownership Guarantee

The policyholder will remain owned by you throughout the lifespan of the policy and we guarantee to:

  • Continue to pay you the agreed level of commission throughout the lifespan of the policy.
  • Not cross sell products to that customer without your prior consent.


Full details of the commission levels we provide can be found at Commission. This table gives details of both the initial and renewal commissions for sales made 'Online' (where you deal with your customer) and for 'Introduced sales' (where you have asked us to deal directly with your client).

How Is Commission Paid?

Commission will be paid via the BACS system by the last working day of every month.

On household, landlords, and commercial polices, commission is paid up-front in a lump sum, both initially and at renewal.

On ASU policies, commission will be paid in a lump sum if the insurer pays us annually and monthly if it's being paid by the insurer to us monthly.

Commission is paid via BACS by the last working day of the month. Commission becomes due to you once we have received it from the insurer, and we aim to get it to you at the end of the month following the policy going on risk/renewal.

We do have a cut off of the 15th of the month, so if we receive the commission by the 15th, it will be paid to you at the end of that month. If it is received after the 15th, it will be paid to you at the end of the following month.


  • Policy going on risk during, say, February
  • In this scenario we would usually receive the commission from the insurer in March
  • If we receive it by 15th March, it will be paid to you by the last working day of March
  • If we receive it after 15th March, it will be paid to you by the last working day of April